Higher Education

Providing post-secondary education students with the technology and training they need to succeed in the industry

Through the Confluence Higher Education initiative, we plan to contribute by providing students with the technology, training, and industry connections to become the next generation of AEC industry leaders. We will be adding more information as this initiative grows.

Next Event

New York, April 2024

We've started taking Confluence on the road!  After a successful 1-day event in Southern California in 2023 we're planning additional 1-day events, open to all AEC professionals.  Next up... NYC in April '24. The theme is “The Realities of AI + ML”. Let us know if you are interested and we will follow up with details.

The Confluence Podcast

The director's commentary track for AEC industry software. You'll get an inside look at how and why the designers made decisions while creating the software you love for architecture, engineering, and construction.

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